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 The Public Service Commission (PSC) is a national body provided for by Article 181    of the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of June 4, 2003 as amended to date.

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Council of Commissioners

The Council of Commissioners is the supreme organ of the Commission. It is composed of seven (7) commissioners including the Chairperson and the Vice Chairperson appointed by Cabinet and approved by the Senate. read more

PSC News Letter

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Komisiyo Ishinzwe Abakozi ba Leta yasuye Ibitaro bya Nyamata.

Madamu  Angelina  Muganza, Umunyamabanga Nshingwabikorwa wa  Komisiyo Ishinzwe Abakoziba Leta, na Dr.Alfred Rutagengwa Umuyobozi w’Ibitaro bya Nyamata. Umunyamabanga  Nshingwabikorwa wa Komisiyo ishinzwe...Read more

Posted : 24.04.2014
Commission de la Fonction Publique a reçu une délégation venant de la République Sénégal

Commission de la Fonction Publique a reçu une délégation venant de la République Sénégal.  Jeudi, le 27 Mars 2014, la Commission de la Fonction Publique du Rwanda a reçu une délégation du Sénégal  qui  est...Read more

Posted : 01.04.2014
Public Service Commission staffs have learnt about Ndi Umunyarwanda Program.

Public Service Commission staffs have learnt about “Ndi Umunyarwanda Program”. Ndi Umunyarwanda campaign has been disseminated in the whole country as part of the Rwandan Government's efforts to foster unity and...Read more

Posted : 17.03.2014
Public Service Commission received a Delegation from Republic of Zambia

Wednesday, on 12th March 2014, the Public Service Commission of Rwanda has received a delegation from Republic of Zambia on a study tour in Rwanda. Headed by Madam Corren Choose Mvula, Assistant Director of Minister of Local...Read more

Posted : 13.03.2014
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ibiganiro ku m'umukozi wa Leta

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